Are we one big family?

By ©Inacio Steinhardt

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Taking exception of many Steinhardt’s that have adopted our surname for practical reasons (avoiding incorporation in the army in Russia or Poland, immigration into the United States, etc.) there is a possible connection between the several large clans some of them are represented in genealogical databases.

This part of my personal site is an attempt to put together all the information that I have collected in small steps for over 30 years. This is not really a research work, but rather an effort to know better about my ancestors. It is my hope that, by publishing it here and making it available to others, this might encourage others to communicate with me and add information.

Let’s see some preliminary points:

 This leads me finally to the existence of two villages in Germany, by the name of Steinhardt. Today both belong to bigger cities, of which they are suburbs. One is STEINHART, today part of Hainsfart, and the second is STEINHARDT, today part of Sobernheim. STEINHARDT has a legend, which offers a curious explanation about the origin of its name. (click on the blue word legend to read it), but there are no records of Jews living there. STEINHART, on the other hand, of which I don’t know yet the origins, had a small active Jewish community from the 16th. century to 1883. And it is not far from Fuerth, where rabbi Joseph Steinhar(d)t wrote his works.




Part of : Sobernheim

GKZ : 07 1 33 501

County : | | * Bad Kreuznach {KH}

RegBez : | * Koblenz

Land : * Rheinland-Pfalz

ZIP : 55566

Locat : (Sobernheim) 49d47m N 7d39m E

6211 Sobernheim



Part of : Hainsfarth

GKZ : 09 7 79 154

County : | | * Donau-Ries

RegBez : | * Schwaben

Land : * Bayern

ZIP : 86744

Locat : (Hainsfarth) 48d58m N 10d38m E

7029 Oettingen



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